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Poor Air Conditioning?

Choked Coils? Corroded Coils?

Facilities management places a high priority in maintenance routine, to upkeep their air conditioning system at its maximum efficiency and one of the most important tasks is to ensure that the cooling coils remain clean at all times. That is because the entire air distribution system flows through the coils for the intended purpose of cooling i.e. by transferring heat out of the air stream.

Choosing the Right Steamer

for the Right Job

STIMO™ arises out of the need & requirement of the air conditioning service industry. Its design & construction is tailored for de scaling works and has already proven to be he most powerful steamer of its kind in this capacity range. Fully mobile and versatile, STIMO™ is able to access all kinds If work site or equipment placement, whether it be on the roof, ceiling or enclosed work space.

we have the solution now!

A Breakthrough in Coil Cleaning Technology

Stimo™ equipment is designed and built in Malaysia to the highest quality standards with one goal in mind: to ensure top customer productivity and satisfaction With 8x’s the steam production power of a conventional steamer, this rugged stainless steel industrial steamer is purpose-built to perform de scaling works on the toughest of cooling coils and in all kinds of harsh conditions. lts mobility and versatility allows it to perform services on all kinds of air conditioning equipment and at any location. Most of all it has the ability to generate Super Heated Steam with high consistency. Stimo™ does Not require chemicals or hazardous materials for de- scaling works- the process is environmentally friendly!.